Maximum retail price imposed for face mask

A maximum retail price has been imposed for a face mask, the Health Ministry said following complaints that some traders had increased the price following a rise in demand for the product.

Accordingly, the Health Ministry said that the maximum retail price for a disposable face mask will be Rs. 15 each and Rs. 150 for a N95 mask.

There has been a rise in demand for face masks in Sri Lanka after a Chinese tourist in Sri Lanka tested positive for the new coronavirus. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is another interesting fact that cannot be ignored. Osu Sala upto yesterday was selling at Rs 6 with a profit and some pharmacies and supermarkets sold at Rs 9/10 till their stocks ran our. By fixing a ceiling, MOH (who, due to the crisis should and could give free) is encouraging Osu Sala as well as others make an extra 9 rupee profit. Stopping the blackmarketeers, etc is a different matter. If the product is costing less than 6 for Osu Sala why can’t the MOH give when so much public money is being wasted on tamashas!

  2. What a stupid thing to do by the Ministry. The reason the price is increased is because of shortage. The increasing price will invite suppliers to divert suppliesin order to drive down the price. It will also cause those who use masks trivially to desist and prevent shortage for people who really need masks like surgeons. Now because of the ministry action we will have SHORTAGE. The FREE MARKET, left to do its good work, solves ALL problems, if you let it.

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