Sri Lankan public requested to wear face masks in crowded places

The Sri Lankan public have been requested to wear face masks in crowded places as a precautionary measure following the threat of the coronavirus spreading from China to other countries.

Health officials said that while steps have been taken to prevent the virus from entering Sri Lanka, the public must take some precautions.

Chief Epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health Dr Sudhath Samaraweera advised that children and pregnant women avoid crowded places.

The public have also been advised to avoid people suffering from fever or a cold.

When coughing the public have been urged to use a handkerchief and also properly dispose facial tissues.

The general public have also been urged to wash their hands often and have a hand sanitiser with them when going out.

Dr Sudhath Samaraweera said that Sri Lanka is on maximum alert for the virus with scanners installed at the airport.

He also said that health officials are at hand at the airport to deal with anyone having symptoms of the disease. (Colombo Gazette)