A complete South Asian culinary experience


Known for its strong aromatic flavours, enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices, and complex cooking styles, Thai food is continuously expanding into the culinary landscape across Colombo. The Sunnadeniyas – connoisseur’s in Asian cuisine and founders of the ‘Ceynor Sea Food Restaurant’ have delighted Colombo seafood lovers with their Thai specialties throughout the years.They have now launched a new venture in Thai cuisine, together with their son Uditha Sunnadeniya, his wife Himashi and sister Savindri; opening two new exciting restaurants in Colombo – Nom Nom Asia and Thai Heritage Food Truck.

Conveniently located in Maya Avenue – Colombo Six, Nom Nom Asia is the only restaurant in Colombo which offers an exceptional variety of Asian cuisine, designed to appease the taste buds of food lovers from all parts of the island. The comfortable setting and aesthetically alluring ambiance combined with specially customized soothing interiors, work together perfectly to offer a complete dining experience. With offerings based on national delicacies from countries spanning Asia, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China – Nom Nom Asia caters perfectly to those interested in tasting the enigma that is Asian cuisine.

Having opened its doors in May 2019, Nom Nom Asia offers a wide-range of appetite-satiating delicacies with plenty of winning dishes on the menu: Spicy Coconut Thai Soup, Hot Butter Cuttlefish, Tamarind Prawns, Cashew Nut Chicken, Basil Leaves Beef, Malaysian Spicy Fried Rice, Vietnam Fried Rice, Crispy Chicken Noodles and Pad Thai Horkai.

Apart from their usual menu, Nom Nom Asia has partnered with Uber Eats to offer five mouthwatering lunch combos at affordable prices for takeaway and is perfect for those who need a quick fix if they are short on time, and those who want to experience Asian cuisine on a budget. Spoilt for choice, you also have the option of selecting your preferred seafood and preparation ingredients, at the fresh seafood stand available every night.

Along with a range of thirst-quenching beverages including Watermelon Iced Tea, Lemongrass Iced Tea and Chrysanthemum Cold Tea, they also present an array of mouthwatering desserts such as Lychee, Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese and Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream.

Additionally, their elegant interior and the availability of private rooms which can host up to 30 people makes it the perfect location to celebrate special occasions. 

Thai Heritage Food Truck (THFT)

Having opened in 2018, THFT was the first food truck to open in Colombo specializing in Thai food. Offering a range of unique Thai dishes prepared by a Thai Chef with ingredients directly brought down from Thailand, THFT takes its customers on a tasteful journey to the heart of Thai food, Bangkok.

Offering ample parking space and outdoor seating, customers can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere that fits perfectly for dining with friends and family. Whereas the majority of food trucks cater fast food items mainly focused on Western cuisine; the Thai Heritage truck sought to fill in a void, providing easily accessible and affordable Thai dishes.

The Thai Heritage Food Truck delights customers with an experience to remember, with some of their more popular dishes such as the Corn Cakes, Hot Butter Mushrooms, Tom Yum Soup, Red Curry, Green Curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Rice, and Spicy Fried Rice. TFHT also provides a specialized variety of Thai drinks such as Thai Iced Tea, Thai Palm Fruit Juice, and the delectable Thai Cream Soda. As for desserts, the classic Mango Sticky Rice is a must-have.

Most excitingly, THFT alters their specials every week, leaving customers with a burning curiosity and adding an exciting hint of surprise to the experience.