Brandix ‘Ran Daru Thilina’ inspires the education of 8,500 children in 2020

Brandix conducted the ‘Ran Daru Thilina’ initiative for the fifth consecutive year, providing over 8,500 children of the company’s Associates with schoolbags and stationery items for the new school year in an effort to inspire their education.

Since its inception in 2016, ‘Ran Daru Thilina’ has enriched the lives of over 28,000 children of Brandix Associates from nursery age to Grade 5. The schoolbag for children between Grade 3 – 5 contains exercise books, drawing books, colouring and standard pencils, rulers, glue and other essential items, while the schoolbags of younger children also include modelling clay, scissors and crayons.

Employees of the Executive cadre of Brandix too extended their support towards the distribution of schoolbags to children at their respective facilities, ensuring Group-wide involvement towards this endeavour.

Commenting on the initiative, Anusha Alles, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility of Brandix Apparel Limited said, “Ran Daru Thilina is a CSR initiative that is very close to our hearts. The cost of a child’s booklist for the year is a daunting expense for most to bear, and we felt the need to step in and help alleviate this burden for our Associates. In continuing this commitment for the past five years, it has been truly fulfilling to witness the development of these children as they pursue their education unhindered on a journey to become well-rounded, educated citizens of Sri Lanka.”

This year, children of 6,800 Brandix Associates employed across 25 facilities in Sri Lanka benefitted from the Brandix ‘Ran Daru Thilina’ initiative. Additionally, Brandix also facilitates the ‘Ran Daru Scholarship’ scheme, under which financial assistance is extended to Grade 5 children of Associates. This is also part of Brandix’s mission to inspire the education of children and improve the quality of life for its employees.

Brandix, the single largest employer in Sri Lanka’s Export industry and adjudged ‘Exporter of the Year’ at the 2018/19 Presidential Export Awards, operates apparel manufacturing units in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Haiti and Cambodia. On a journey to deliver Inspired Solutions at every point of its operations, the company continues to develop, manufacture and market end-to-end apparel solutions to world-renowned brands, whilst inspiring sustainable development in the communities it operates.


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