Speaker rules CB treasury bond scam forensic report must be tabled in Parliament

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today ruled that the Central Bank (CB) treasury bond scam forensic report must be presented to all members of Parliament.

He made the ruling when Parliament convened today.

The Speaker said that making the report public will not have a negative impact on ongoing investigations into the scam.

He said a copy of the report will be placed in the Parliament library and additional copies will be issued to the Parliamentarians over the next few days.

Government and opposition members welcomed the move and called for a debate on the forensic report.

The Speaker said that he will decide on the debate after discussing the matter with the party leaders.

The Attorney General had earlier advised Speaker Karu Jayasuriya not to release the Central Bank treasury bond scam forensic report to Parliament since legal proceedings are still underway.

The Attorney General had noted that it is not appropriate to release the forensic report at this time.

The forensic audit report on the Central Bank treasury bond scam was submitted to the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) last November.

Then COPE Chairman Sunil Handunetti was to table the report in Parliament but Parliament was prorogued and the COPE committee was automatically dissolved.

The Attorney General had last year opined that the findings in the reports, annexes and exhibits should be treated as having the potential to be evidence in investigations and ongoing and future legal actions and access should be limited to those who have statutory authority to access them while emphasizing that the recipients maintain confidentiality in respect of the contents of the reports in order to avoid any possible prejudicial effect on investigations and ongoing and future litigation.

The Attorney General had further informed that once the reports and related documents have been fully considered, any extracts thereof can be disseminated in the public domain without prejudice to the investigations. 


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