Mano takes on Wimal for changing sign board with Tamil on top

Former Minister Mano Ganesan has slammed Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s decision to change a sign board with Tamil wording on top.

The sign board of the Palmyrah Development Board in Mannar had the name in Tamil above the Sinhalese text.

Minister Weerawansa had ordered that a new board be erected with the Sinhalese text being placed above the Tamil text.

The Minister posted a message on his Facebook saying a shortcoming on the name board was rectified.

Parliamentarian and former Minister of National Co-existence Dialogue Mano Ganesan tweeted saying by changing the name board, Weerawansa was alienating the Tamil community and making Tamils feel that they are under a ‘Sinhala hegemonic occupation”.

“On the other hand this Minister has no legal basis for his false nationalist behavior,” Ganesan said.

He noted that Articles 18 and 19 in the Constitution declare both Sinhala and Tamil as official and national languages and nowhere is it said that Sinhala shall be above Tamil.

Ganesan also noted that Article 22 says that public records in the country shall be in Sinhala except in the North and East provinces where Tamil shall be so used. (Colombo Gazette)



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