It’s all things cheese at Café Kai, Hilton Colombo

Pop by Café Kai, Hilton Colombo from the 23rd to 30th January for a cheesy treat.   Whether it’s a taste for classic such as Brie or Cheddar or a palate for artisan Manchego, you can go crazy for cheese in all its addictive applications.

The menu consists Manchego Kochchi Toasties (a must try!) – Toasted bread with melted Manchego cheese, tomato, chili, green pepper and onion, Cheesy Chicken Roll – Chinese stuffed rolls with cheese, chicken, onion, chili and vegetables, Macaroni Cheese & Rye – cheese elbow pasta with onion, bacon on grilled beer battered rye bread, the all-time favorite; spiced chili fries with creamy melted cheddar cheese sauce, Mac & Cheese Balls – macaroni pasta with cheese deep fried in rich tomato sauce and topped with cashew nut pesto, Cheese Coconut Rotti – coconut roti stuffed melted cheese, chili and curry leaves and the French puff pastry; Cheese Mille Feuille – layers of baked brie cheese with onion, red chili, curry leaves and curry leaf pesto.

This unique menu will be available from 11am to 10pm at Café Kai.

Call the F&B Reservations Desk on 2492492 or Visit . fb/HiltonColombo for details.