Huge outcry after BBC’s Sri Lanka correspondent is forced to quit

A huge debate is ongoing on social media after a leaked telephone conversation has forced the BBC to remove its correspondent in Sri Lanka, Azzam Ameen.

The private telephone conversation between Ameen and Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake was exposed by a Buddhist monk recently.

The leaked conversation resulted in views and comments being expressed on social media both in support and against Ameen.

The Colombo Gazette learns that the BBC has since contacted Ameen and noted their inability to continue with his contract and he had not raised any objections to the move.

Ameen has been an outspoken journalist and has been with the BBC for several years.

Several journalists and individuals took to social media extending support to Ameen and questioning how ethical it was to leak and publish a private telephone conversation.

A number of telephone conversations involving Ramanayake were leaked to the media recently.

The telephone conversations involved judges, Police officers, well known personalities and journalists. (Colombo Gazette)


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