Hirunika reveals plot behind “prison break 2”

Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra today revealed what she claims is a plot behind “prison break 2” involving the owner of a private media institution and a popular music producer.

Speaking in Parliament, Premachandra said that the plot is to secure the release of jailed politician Duminda Silva.

In an emotional speech, Premachandra said that a mud slinging campaign has been launched against her using the leaked telephone recording of a conversation between her and Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake.

She said that the owner of the private media institution had obtained the telephone recordings from the Police.

Premachandra also claimed that the recordings had been doctored at the studio of the popular music producer, who is now attached to the state tourism promotion authority, and released to the media.


  1. Her allegation cannot be dismissed simply as baseless. H.E. Sirisena has started the precedent how to release a Death Convict. Only thing you have to get a Phd. Not necessarily recognised by Grants commission. So Duminda can apply for a Phd and make a request for a pardon.


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