AYU takes you on a Sri Lankan culinary Journey

Sri Lankan cuisine is rich in spices, texture and flavour. It’s a blend of different curry concoctions and mouth-watering dishes and guests are in for a true culinary treat at AYU as they introduce a “Sri Lankan Journey” every Wednesday featuring a spread of the island’s finest cuisine.

This delightful dinner buffet will feature over one hundred items with Executive Chef Meththa Ekanayake making use of local produce such as coconut, jackfruit and an arsenal of spices.

A healthy salad corner will offer guests Gotukola Sambol, Ash plantain salad, bitter gourd, fried banana blossom and snake gourd salads whilst a separate corner will give you that true “local fix” with some hot roast paan, pol sambol and roasted chicken.

Make your way to the action stations and choose your hopper from egg hoppers to curried seafood and crab hoppers and all Koththu lovers can dig into some cheese, egg, vegetable or chicken kotthu.

From Crab red curry to Ambulthiyal, Cashew curry, Polos ambul, manioc and the famous black pork curry, these are a few items that you should not miss when you visit AYU every Wednesday.

Make sure to always save some room for the mouthwatering desserts, especially when they’re equal parts melt-in-your-mouth and absolutely good-looking.Sample as many as you like from Mung Kevum to PanI Walalu, Pancakes, Bibikkan, Bees honey pudding, Pol Toffees and the famous milk toffees.

The brand-new Sri Lankan Journey Dinner buffet happens every Wednesday and is priced at Rs. 3,350/= nett and you can call 7 450 440 for reservations.