President makes sudden inspection visit of BIA

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa made a sudden inspection visit of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) today.

The President inspected the facilities at the airport and passenger operations.

“Upon inspecting both arrivals and departure terminals, I have given instructions to ensure speedy processing at immigration with more officers, expedite opening of new terminal and open new area for improved taxi service etc, with purpose of eliminating passenger inconvenience,” the President said.



  1. Never had a pleasant experience going through the airport. Everybody employed at that airport
    seems to be of the opinion that the traveller is there to harassed as much as possible and as often as possible. Hope the President can improve the standard of professionalism and service at the airport.

    As first impressions matter a great deal; every tourist should be diverted around Bandaranaike Intrrnational Airport. This should be the first aim of the Tourism Bureau.

  2. Sir open one single counter on arrival for local passport holders.And have several counters for others. This like many other countrys will speed up the process.Departurs too can be serviced in this manner if it would help.

  3. One of the worst place in SriLanka. Specially SriLanka Beuro staff. The way they treated people. Heartlessly. If I’m not wrong only Middle East employees have to pay this beuro. Which is unfair. And we don’t get any benefit. We just paying money for this stupid government. If we was failed to pay they will not allowed us to leave the country. As long as we have valid visa and air ticket how could SriLanka beuro can stop them??? And on top of that we have to get shit for this stupid people. I hope Mr. Gotabaya Will change all this stupid rule. I came to SriLanka to just vote him.


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