Government to implement proposals to eliminate poverty

The Government has decided to implement a set of proposals to eliminate poverty in the country.

Under the National Policy framework “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” the Government has identified the elimination of poverty in the country as high priority to ensure appropriate large scale development.

The development goals identified by the National Policy Framework ‘Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour’ are compatible to the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

Accordingly, with the intention of the eliminating poverty in the country, the cabinet of Ministers have approved a proposal presented by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to implement the following proposals on priority basis.

  • Implementation of food security ensuring programs by providing essentials to low income people.
  • The Program of providing 100,000 employment for 100,000 poor families
  • Prompt implementation of housing program for poor families under one house, one village program.
  • Implementation of 100,000 km Rural Road Development Program to provide with quality roads at least one million households
  • To provide easy access to loans  giving priority to the development of small enterprises, self-employment, household needs and household livelihood programs


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