Cabinet approves National Intelligence Act

Cabinet has approved drafting of a new Bill titled ‘National Intelligence Act’ to regulate and empower all intelligence services.

The Government said that National Intelligence institutions in Sri Lanka render a tremendous contribution in taking decisions and issuing recommendations for prevention of activities that threaten the national security by forecasting their movements while the terrorist activities and other operations and threats prevented based on the information revealed by their forecasts as well as their recommendations during calamities have been bestowed upon the nation to safeguard and secure the national security.

Some intelligence activities are observed to have been limited due to lack of sufficient legal provisions required for assisting their operations that empower the intelligence forces and regulating the activities that take place in the field of intelligence force operations.

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a proposal tabled by the Minister of Mahaveli Agriculture, Irrigation and Rural Development, the Minister of Internal Trade, Food Security and Consumer Welfare as well as the Minister of National Defence to instruct the Legal Draftsman for formulation of draft Bill to regulate and empower the intelligence force covering all the intelligence sectors by providing priority to the national defence.


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