European Union keeps LTTE on terrorist list

The European Union (EU) has maintained the LTTE as a banned terrorist organisation.

The Council of the EU renewed the so-called EU terrorist list, which sets out persons, groups and entities subject to restrictive measures with a view to combating terrorism.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is among the persons, groups and entities on the list.

Persons, groups and entities on the list are subject to the freezing of their funds and other financial assets in the EU. It is also prohibited for EU operators to make funds and economic resources available to them.

The Council is empowered to establish a EU list and impose related restrictive measures under Council Common Position 2001/931/CFSP, and Council Regulation (EC) No 2580/2001.

The Council first set up the list as implementation of UNSC Resolution 1373/2001 that followed the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. It reviews the list at regular intervals, and at least every six months, on the basis of a regular exchange of information between member states on any new facts and developments relating to the listings.

This sanctions regime is separate from the EU regime implementing UN Security Council resolutions 1267 (2011), 1989 (2011) and 2253 (2015 and targeting Al-Qaida and ISIL/Da’esh.

The EU also has its own sanction regime which allows the EU to apply sanctions autonomously to ISIL/Da’esh and Al-Qaida and persons and entities associated or supporting them. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Democracy demands truthful transparency and openness to ALL citizens. Truthful accountability or answerability. When practiced, democracy yields the good fruits of freedom, peace, stability, development and prosperity to ALL citizens.

    On the other hand, Extremism contradicts democracy. Extremism originates from exaggerated and manipulated untruth, lie or falsehood, passed on for generations; causing, violence, death and destruction. This is the reason for ISIS extremism and Sinhala Buddhist Extremism (SBE) in Sri Lanka (SL). ISIS uses Arabic and SBE uses Pali, unknown to others, to easily say anything in SL

    Extremism is a mind set. A mind set is created by a person himself by his own choice. Any thought or action, chosen and accepted by the person, creates a mind set. A mind set is an attitude

    On the 14th of January 2020, writer Mervyn Silva went to the Buddhist Temple in Kandy. When finished, he called a press conference and said that Sinhalese were the first to come to Ceylon and challenged what former Chief Minister of Jaffna Vigneswaran Said. What the former chief Minister said was the following;
    1. Tamils were the most ancient people who inhabited the island and they lived at least 2500 years before now.
    2. The history of the Sinhalese as taught now is untrue.
    3. King Dutugemunu honoured by the Sinhalese was a Tamil King.
    4. Mahawamsa is a bunch of lies created by Buddhist monks.
    All citizens of SL, whether Sinhalese or Tamils must know their truthful History not fake stories created to stir up ethnic emotionalism.

    From my little knowledge of history, I ask Mervin Silva to answer the following questions so that ALL Sri Lankans can have clarity and truth, which is timeless;
    1. How many years ago did Vijaya and his 600 followers reach this island by boat?
    2. The sea journey from the point of departure in India to the island in a boat, depending on the wind, assuming the most favourable wind for sailing , would have taken at least 40 days.
    3. Did they bring water to drink? If they drank sea water, they all would have died.
    4. They could not have brought food, grains or firewood to cook and eat. How did all the 600 survive? Is it not created fantasy.
    5. Sea Voyager Marco Polo Visited the island more than 600 years ago. He recorded that he met the king named Sandanam, obviously a Tamil king. He also found all people wearing loin cloth (Amude) but good and principled followers of Buddha.
    6. The present day Sinhala alphabets resemble the alphabets of Telugu, which originated from Tamil script. Is it not because “Nayakes” invaded the island and dominated the Sinhalese as rulers oppressing the real indigenous Sinhalese who are now pushed out to be obscure?
    7. DNA tests of the blood of present day Sinhalese show that it resembles the DNA of South Indians by more than 75%.


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