Alleged Chinese rape victim appeals to President

A Chinese woman who claims she was raped by a politician and his close associates in Galle last year, has appealed to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to intervene and ensure she gets justice.

In the letter sent to the President, a copy of which was sent to Colombo Gazette, the alleged rape victim says she had filed a Police complaint over the incident but the suspect was not charged.

“I hope you will keep your election manifesto to uphold law and order. I’ve lodged the gang rape complaint against the 2 suspects at the Galle police station (Galle case number
10674) on 3rd May 2019,” the Chinese woman claimed.

The name of the Chinese woman and the alleged accused are being withheld as the allegation is yet to be proven in court.

The Chinese woman said that a “B Report” was filed in court and the Magistrate had issued orders to arrest and produce suspects in court last June.

However, she says the Police ignored the Magistrate orders and referred her case to the Attorney General office in August (AG reference number: S/V/1/43/2019).

“From May to September for total 5 months, I have followed up or was told to follow up at the Police numerous times. These include emailing to the Director of Child & Women Abuse Bureau, flying back to give second statement at the Galle police, giving third statement and evidence again to the Galle DIG N. Vedasinghe, giving a letter of appeal to the IGP C.D. Wickramaratne, and being told to give all statements and evidence again to the SDIG of Southern Province Roshan Fernando who re-investigated my case. These numerous follow ups over 5 months are a waste of time, money, and are inhuman and seriously traumatizing to a victim,” she said.

The alleged rape had taken place when the Chinese woman had stayed in Galle. (Colombo Gazette)


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