President makes sudden inspection of Colombo National Hospital

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa made a sudden inspection of the Colombo National Hospital today.

The President looked at some of the issues faced by patients who visit the hospital and instructed officials to look into it.


  1. Dear President Gota,

    There is no point asking someone else to look into the problems of the public health system. The fact that there are major short- comings at government hospitals is due to mismanagement and a shortage of funds. Change can only come from the very top.

    Why don’t you appoint your lovely wife as the patron of the public hospitals?

    A person doesn’t need a Masters degree in hospital management to facilitate the overdue improvements, and remedy the neglect of the system. It is a role that only requires compassion and understanding,

    I am sure she would excell at being the liaison required between the President and the hospital system.


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