Ampara doctor arrested for sexually abusing four schoolgirls

A doctor in Ampara has been arrested for sexually abusing four schoolgirls, the Police said.

The schoolgirls had visited the doctor in Uhana, Ampara to obtain medical tests to take part in a sports event.

The doctor had then sexually abused the four girls aged 14, 17 and 18.

The girls had related the incident to their school friends who had in turn alerted their teacher.

A Police complaint was later lodged over the incident and the suspect was arrested. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The accused doctor now proved as innocent will send a letter of Demand Claiming Rupees 100 lakhs from the accusers for defamation of character. These accusers have brought forward false charges against the doctor and put him into unnecessary harrasment. If the accusers failed to give the amount , a case will be filed against them and he will get Rupees 100 lakhs.

  2. The accused doctor who is now proved innocent will file a defamation of character case and will claim a large amount of money from the accusers.

  3. This is a completely False Media Report. The Police and the Senior Doctor Brought these False Charges Against the Arrested Doctor out of Jealousy. The Health Department Reinstated the accused doctor after the inquiry. They do not believe these false reports. The girls were soon medically examined and found to be with no any harm had been done. There were two doctors in the small open room. two nurses and two attendants. In front of them all and in open space such an incident could not have happened. The Senior doctor had put a false media report in a half page in Lankadeepa newspaper. All these are false media reports. These jealous people have put a a false video in Sirasa TV News.

  4. We cannot believe media false reports. Media will exaggerate incidents and put enlarged false reports.We cannot trust media. All are lies. We do not like to see false media reports. Jealous people will put false reports to put people to trouble. All mud slinging is with media reports.All human rights violations will take place.We are fed up with these media reports.Police and some doctors take liquor and out of jealousy do these acts. Doctors are against each other. Police utter filthy words. Very unfortunate situation.

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