Government slams Police over investigations

The Government has accused the Police of going on the wrong track with its investigations after former Minister Ranjan Ramanayake was arrested yesterday with a gun of which the licence had expired.

State Minister for Tea Industry Development Kanchana Wijesekera said that while the President and the Government was on the right track the Police was not.

He tweeted saying there is clear evidence against several others over the misuse of public funds yet action is not being taken against them.

“President and Govt on the right track but sadly the Police and Investigations are on the wrong track. There are multiple members with clear evidence of misusing public funds and corruption that the police and AGs Dep can go after. I do not agree with the Police actions,” Wijesekera tweeted.

His tweet came after the Police action on Ramanayake was questioned by many on social media and the popularity of the politician saw a sharp rise. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mahinda ,Ranil and Sirisena together have ruined our country now there is no choice for for the government struggling with fiscal deficit increasing the government revenue is a nightmare reducing the government expenditure another big problem future looks very bleak present rulers doesn’t have brains to get out of this muck Gotabaya is clueless dont no what he is talking another bull sitter will end up in the waste paper basket .
    wall painting , visiting RMV and Economic centers is not not going to make a big impact to the economy leave these to the subject minsters or pradeshiya saba members , let the municipal council and pradeshiya saba do their job if not appoint commissioners stop doing sundry work Goatabaya you are now the elected president of the country visiting temples and and funerals will not bring FDI , increase in tax revenue , increase income from agricultural exports etc.
    National security is important leave that to the intelligence, police and forces let them do their job they are paid for national security every year government allocate substantial amount from the budget allocation Gota you are talking national security all the time is not going to reduce cost of living you know how people are suffering and starving do something for the senior citizens ball is in your court remanding opposition members of parliament is not going to help our country high time to do something for the country.


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