S-lon launches 360° communication campaign themed ‘S-lon inside’

S-lon Lanka Private Limited, a flagship company affiliated to The Capital Maharaja Organisation Limited embarked in its latest communication campaign ‘S-lon inside’.

The new thematic campaign ‘S-lon inside’ ensures consumers the happiness they deserve with the water that flows through their pipe fittings within the walls of each home whilst enabling protection with the long endurance its product portfolio offers.

Exemplifying its continuous motto ‘Water for Life’, S-lon today has grown into a primary institution that fulfills Sri Lanka’s need for water, following its inauguration in 1957.

Commenting on the ‘S-lon inside’ campaign, Mr. S. C. Weerasekera, Group Director, TheCapital Maharaja Organisation Limitedsaid, “At S-lon, we have fully understood the immense bond between water and people. For over six decades, we have been able to provide high quality water management solutions and superior plumbing management to our people. Therefore, the objective of our new theme ‘S-lon inside’ is to reinforce the value and the importance of the pipes that are installed within the walls of homes and how its necessity changes lives.”

Weerasekera further added that, “It is vital to adorn your home with high quality products that work from the inside that deliver. Thus, it is important to purchase the right materials that bring you the joy of enjoying water flow every day.”

“Launching the ‘S-lon inside’ campaign is a true testament of our promise to provide our consumers with unmatched products and services. We hope that our purpose consolidates the trust our customers have in us. S-lon has always strived for technological revolution by being a company that adheres to maintaining the highest standards. Therefore, by providing quality manufactured products, we have exceeded customer expectations and with ‘S-lon inside’ in your home, you are assured of protection and happiness every day.” He added.

S-lon Lanka Private Limited continues to be an organisation that uplifts society with their CSR initiatives conducted to enhance knowledge, protect and preserve the environment and enrich spirituality.

S-lon has recognised, registered and certified 5000 Plumbers island-wide through their Plumbers Club workshop and training sessions conducted with an objective to improve their skills and provide them with the technological direction and guidance to prevent air and water pollution during plumbing processes.

Furthermore, S-lon continues to refurbish Temples across the country with an intention to significantly improve the standards of religious establishments. The ‘GamaiPansalai’ programme in partnership with Sirasa FM enriches spirituality among society and encourages religious practices without difficulties.

The ‘ThuruKepakaru’ tree planting illustrates S-lon’s vision to protect the environment. This programme inculcates children at a young age to demonstrate their obligation to save trees by giving them the responsibility to plant trees country-wide.

S-lon manufactures and distributes a diverse portfolio of water management solutions that include a comprehensive range of pipes &fittings, rain water disposable systems, sewage pipes & fittings, hot water piping system, ball valves, ABS taps and water pumps. S-lon’s many accolades include the prestigious SLS 147:2013 Standard and their expertise also offers a product range of solvent cement, garden mesh, chrome plated faucets & accessories and roofing sheets.


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