Government determined to implement blueprint to build whole new country

The Government says it is determined to implement the blueprint to build a whole new country.

In his New Year message, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that he is of the view that the New Year dawns at a time when the entire Sri Lankan nation is beaming with hope for a new era in economic, political, social, cultural and technological spheres of life, in their Motherland.

Hence, he says the new Government welcomes the New Year with determination and commitment to make it the Year of Prosperity.

“As a country with our own vision we can be proud of many great achievements in the past. We as a government step into the New Year with the utmost commitment to ensure prosperity by awakening our identities and skills and by interfacing them with modernity. The country is in need of a strong and vibrant economy which gives priority to nationalistic aspirations. Such an economy will further cement our resolution for independence,” the President said.

He said that he is also aware that a well protected nation with a disciplined society is the foremost expectation of the people.

“It is in such a society that soaring aspirations of the present and future generations will become a reality. We as adults should go hand in hand in unison to reach those objectives during the New Year,” he said.

Rajapaksa said that the new Government is the outcome of the unity among the people who love their country.

“We will not allow any force to obstruct the realization of peoples expectations. The sole aim is to create a conducive environment where all can live harmoniously in peace. It is my fervent belief and hope that the freshness formed in the hearts and minds of the people with the advent of New Year will facilitate the implementation of the – Saubhagyaye Dekma – the blueprint to build a whole new country,” he added. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I wish the new Prez in Sri Lanka Good Health,Courage and the Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem to make this country of ours a Corrupt free paradise with his new vision!!!

  2. For the first time in living memory the New Year has dawned with genuine optimism and hope for all Sri Lankans.

    It will be a tough battle for President Gota to transform the culture of the country given the scum he has to rely on in parliament.

    But one man can make a difference. And, I like many other Sri Lankan’s believe we have found that man.

    We wish the President and his family all the very best.


  3. Dear President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. I wish you a successful New year

    Let’s hope 2020 is the year for change.

    You won’t eliminate the corruption, particularly you can’t stop the people getting bribes unless you change the breeding mindset.

    Sri Lanka is a small island but has the same population of Australia. Please note, Australia is a continent, but Sri Lanka is a tiny Island. Why do we need this much population? People in Sri Lanka have a mindset to keep on having children, but they don’t have enough income to maintain their family so asking bribe become inevitable.

    I have four siblings but three of them don’t have a job. One brother is a Catholic Priest, obviously he can’t work. Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu priests can’t work, but they have become dependent on others. Clearly, they have become burden to others.

    Two of my other siblings never had a job. Ask yourself how much GDP is currently generating by each adult in Sri Lanka. If the majority earns nothing or very little then it clear you have too many people contributing to the country nothing or very little but become burden to others. My suggestion is to impose one child policy for the next 25 years until Sri Lanka has enough opportunities to employ people to increase the GDP. Mr President you have an opportunity to lead South Asia, I hope you would take the opportunity seriously to make a history.

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