Stern action against discrimination of domestic tourists

The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLDA) cautioned licensed establishments which adopt discriminatory practices against local tourists with ‘foreigners only’ policy with stern actions.

“Several complaints have been made by domestic tourists stating that they are not allowed to enter certain restaurants and hotels in the areas of Hikkaduwa and Arugambay, where these establishments seem to have a ‘foreigners only’ policy,”

“Our Constitution affords equal right to all citizens; where no person shall, on the grounds of race, religion, language, caste, sex or anyone such grounds, be subjected to any disability, liability, restriction or condition concerning access to shops, public restaurants, hotels, places of public entertainment and places of worship,” shared SLTDA Chairperson Kimarli Fernando.

During off-seasons and in any difficult period like the Easter Sunday Attacks it’s the local tourists who support the tourism industry to function therefore SLTDA cautions licensed establishments to avoid such discriminatory practices.

The Chairperson further stated that SLTDA will take action to suspend or cancel licences of such establishments and if found to be guilty will take steps to issue fresh licenses in such areas to establishments that will serve Sri Lankans as well as foreign guests.


  1. Too many unlicensed, inexperienced, self appointed tourist guides and agents. They bring a bad reputation to Sri Lanka. Also there are sex pests, thieves, pimps, drug dealers and shady middle men who propel innocent tourists into dodgy b & b houses.

  2. Exactly. Some of my friends experienced pressure from trishaw drivers in Ella and they were subjected harassment when they did not cooperate.
    There were supposed to be Tourist Police, but none were available

  3. Should introduce a respectable dress code for trishaw drivers and vehicles specially inspected and licensed to carry tourists. Some drivers look like rowdies and vehicles utter crap.


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