Vasa Varna/ In Living Colour at Paradise Road Galleries

Paradise Road Galleries is pleased to present Vasa Varna/ In Living Colour, an exhibition of new works by Priyantha Weerasooriya, opened on 19 December and is on view until 9 January 2020 at Paradise Road Galleries, located within the premises of Paradise Road The Gallery Café.

The exhibition presents a new series of mixed media on rice paper works by the artist, a continuation of his portrayal of Prince Siddhartha before enlightenment.

Priyantha Weerasooriya acquired a Diploma in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins London in 2007. The artist who works predominantly with mixed media on rice paper, portrays Siddhartha Gautama before attaining enlightenment in an effort to highlight the essence of Siddhartha Gautama’s being at this particular stage in his life.

After completing his studies and presenting several exhibitions in London, the artist most recently exhibited the prequel to these works in a group show at the Noble Sage Gallery London in 2017. The evolution of his portraiture is clear; the detail of his subject’s adornments and the visuals of wildlife surrounding him omit a sense of peace and calm. Siddartha Gautama’s face is not portrayed, perhaps as a sign of respect; craftspeople in Sri Lanka are traditionally known to cover the face of Buddha when working on him as a subject.

The artist also states that his choice of deep indigo is symbolic of the calm and peace that lay within his being, a hint of what was to come. Undoubtedly the image takes different representative narratives that relate to the lifestory of Buddha and back to human nature, forcing the viewer to introspect; the flat dark surface in the place of a depicted face creates a mirror effect.

Weerasooriya’s paintings of this subject combined with his gritty, unorthodox, arguably counter-intuitive ad de-glorifying technique, style and coloring, makes a refreshing take in the ‘Siduath Series’ of portraits.’- Jana Manuelpillai, Noble Sage Gallery, London.

Solo Exhibitions (Selected)

2017               Tradition and Divergence from India, The Noble Sage @ Camden

Image Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2010               The Framers Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2010               Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery Autumn Exhibition, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London,

United Kingdom

2010               Jeannie Advent Gallery, Dulwich, United KIngdom

2009               The Noble Sage Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2008               Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery Autumn Exhibition, Dulwich Picture Gallery, London,

United Kingdom

2007               Ashburnham Arms, London, United Kingdom

2006               Suriya Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2005               Suriya Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2004               Harold Peiris Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2003               Phenomenal Art Gallery, Colombo, Sri Lanka


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