All personal information to be linked at one data collection center

Steps are to be taken to link all personal information at one data collection center.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has proposed that all personal information including  National Identity Cards, driving licenses, immigration and emigration documents, registration of births and deaths be brought under one data collection center.

This will be instrumental in reducing time, effort and money spent on such services at present, President Rajapaksa said during a discussion with officials of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology held at the Presidential Secretariat today (30).

The President said that the existing practice is to gather the same information at several entities.

He said that if this can be brought under one umbrella organization it will greatly reduce delays and ensure efficiency.

The President also said that the move will prevent the circulation of erroneous and duplicate information.

“The inter-connectivity among ministries, departments and semi-governmental organizations is vital in the development process of the country. A high level of productivity can be achieved by networking relevant organizations,” the President’s Media Division quoted the President as saying.


  1. President Gota has already proved himself a class above all those loin cloth wearing paddy cultivators masquerading as legislators.

    If he (Gota) keeps this level of innovative thinking in action, he could achieve in five years what the rest of the parasites have failed to do since independence.

  2. Good move, it saves time and money plus avoids corruption and issuing fake documents. Make sure that computer system verifies the individuals’ birth certificate and NIC for passport issue. This will avoid issuing fake passports. Once the system is updated make sure that nobody can add adult birth certificate details to avoid issuing fake NIC and passports, basically after updating every adult’s information the system should only allow new babies’ details to input.


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