India’s DMK, PMK flay ‘Sinhala only’ National anthem in Sri Lanka

India’s DMK president M K Stalin and PMK founder S Ramadoss flayed the Sri Lankan Government’s decision to sing the National anthem in Sinhala only on Independence Day and termed it as an attempt to isolate the Sri Lankan Tamils, News Today reported.

Stalin expressed his disappointment and sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Jaishankar.

Stalin tweeted that such majoritarianism act would lead to isolation of Tamils in the island nation.

Ramadoss, in a statement said the Sri Lankan Government’s decision to sing the National anthem only in Sinhalese during the country’s 72nd Independence Day celebration on 4 February 2020, was an insult to Tamils and strongly condemned it.

He said the Sri Lankan Government had taken such a decision to appease a majority of Sinhala people who voted in favour of them.


  1. In Asia, fulfilling a personal ego is far more important than collectively making a wise decision to move forward.

    The problem is Asians don’t analyze enough before changing the law. Whether Hong Kong’s extradition bill or India’s citizenship bill or current national anthem issues in Sri Lanka reflects ability to make wise decisions. This is the difference between success and failure. Before changing the law or system we must ask ourselves the following questions.

    Who will benefit by the changes? What are the pros and cons of the new law or system? Did we allow the issue to be debated in parliament? Did media publish the changes and received enough feedback from intellectuals, skilled specific experts and public? Will the new law or system unite the nation or create divisions which will help the external forces to divide and conquer?

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