President calls for dedication to create society where all are treated equally

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has called for dedication to create a society where all are treated equally.

In his Christmas message the President said that the real meaning of Christmas is to make our lives meaningful and for that, we need to fill our hearts with love and compassion while completely eliminating sinful thoughts.

“We must uncover the path of spirituality shown by the Jesus to the whole world by getting rid of all wrongdoings. Christianity interprets it as the eternal life,” he said.

The President noted that the sound of hymns tells us ‘peace be upon pious individuals “ and the aspiration and commitment is to usher in a society with virtuous humans.

“We strongly believe that the desire and the blessings of the God is also for the same objective. We should take steps to prevent recurrence of mournful experiences which occurred at the sacred places of worship in the recent past. At present there is an environment in the country where citizens can celebrate Christmas without fearful thoughts and suspicion. It is the aspiration of all kind hearted persons which became a reality, and it will provide relief for the hearts which were deeply saddened and shaken. Let us again dedicate ourselves with determination to create a better society where all the human beings will be treated equally, the way Jesus Christ taught us,” he said.


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