Minister initiates investigation to assess damages to Mattala

The new Government is to investigate damages caused to the Mattala airport.

Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Prasanna Ranatunga has ordered an investigation into any damages caused to the Mattala airport during the time of the former government when the airport was used to store paddy.

Sri Lanka’s second international airport, the Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA) commenced operations in May 2013.

The airport, funded by China, was used by the former government after it took office in 2015, to store paddy saying there were no flights landing at the airport.

However it was eventually used by airlines diverting flights heading to Colombo during poor weather.

Speaking to Colombo Gazette, the Minister noted that the airport had been constructed with tax payer money and that the former government had failed to utilize it properly and instead misused it.

The Minister said that now tax payer money would have to be used yet again to repair any damages and bring the airport back to operational status.

Ranatunga said he has requested airport officials to compile a report on the damages caused to the airport and proposals to resolve any issues so that the airport can become fully operational once again.

He also said that under no circumstances would the Mattala airport be sold to any foreign entity.

The Minister revealed that he would be submitting a cabinet proposal inviting domestic and international organizations to invest in the airport. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Minister first you have to investigate why Mahinda embark on project to built an airport in Hambantota without developing Katunayake airport and the damage he has done to our economy borrowing from China at commercial rates and putting the burden on poor people of Srilanka please first tell us what is your plan for this white elephant Hambantota airport? we don’t need such a big airport to handle air cargo at least now without any delay SLPP government has to do something about this airport


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