Following several complaints Uber launches new safety features in Sri Lanka

Following a spate of incidents involving Uber in Sri Lanka, the company announced it has introduced two new safety features, Two-way Phone Anonymisation and Driving Hour Limits, as a part of their ‘Safety Never Stops’ campaign in Colombo.

Two-way Phone Anonymisation, a new technology, will improve the way riders and driver partners connect and communicate with each other.

With this feature, when a rider and driver contact each other over a trip, both phone numbers will be anonymised, ensuring neither can see the other’s personal contact details.

This new feature will ensure personal contact details of rider and driver partners are protected during all trips so that there is never any unwanted post-trip contact.

To further strengthen their approach to help keep riders and drivers safe on the road while preserving the flexibility drivers value, Uber has introduced another feature that limits the amount of time drivers can spend on the Uber app to help reduce the risk of fatigued drivers.

This new feature in the Uber app prompts drivers to go offline for 6 straight hours after they have driven 12 hours. Driver partners also get periodic notifications when approaching the 12 hour driving time limit and then the app automatically goes offline for 6 hours straight when the maximum limit has been reached.

Commenting on the launch, Pavan Vaish, Head of Central Operations, said, “Riders and driver partners form the core of Uber’s business. These features further strengthen Uber’s resolve to continuously take steady steps in ensuring rider and driver safety. I am very excited to announce Phone anonymisation and Driving Hour Limits as they are technological innovations, designed to strengthen the safety of the communities we serve. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Only the very naive would believe Uber’s empty flowery rhetoric. It is a multinational corporation driven purely by profit. Altruism is a mere facade to escape a myriad of legal problems around the world. Uber exploits and degrades its alleged partners, whohave no rights, and are treated with absolute contempt.

    It is all about Uber undermining existing passenger transport regulations and evading corporate taxes in the countries they operate in. The advertising may be excellent, but, Hell still remains Hell!

  2. Uber is running a new scam where it shows that cancellation fees have been refunded. However, instead of being refunded it keeps on continuously charging the cancellation fees for all subsequent trips. There is no mechanism in the app to resolve such a situation. In the first incident I sent an email after I was charged the cancellation fee several times. The charges stopped but the over-charged amounts were never refunded back to me. Now it is happening again and Uber is not responding to my email or stopping the cancellation fee being charged on all trips.


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