Sri Lanka to propose conflict settlement deal with India on fishing issue

Sri Lanka is to propose a conflict settlement agreement with India to address the fishing issue.

The National Policy Framework of the Government which has been made public, notes that steps will be taken to achieve selfsufficiency in fishery products to ensure food security while contributing to the national economy.

According to the National Policy Framework, scientific methods will be introduced to increase fish population in coastal areas, environmental conditions in lagoons will be improved, all existing fishery harbours will be modernize and new fishery harbours will be construction if needed.

The fishery harbour in Oluvil will also be developed for operation of largescale boats.

Refrigeration systems will also be developed using sea water for multiday fishing craft and they will also be encourage to use of solar power.

Domestic fishing companies will also be enabled to expand fishing in international seas.

In order to resolve the Indo-Lanka fishing issue it has been proposed to develop a conflict settlement agreement with India to eliminate unauthorized fishing in northern and eastern seas and strengthen navy and coastal guard units.

Indian fishermen often poach in Sri Lankan waters and this has resulted in conflicts with local fishermen and the Navy. (Colombo Gazette)


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