APIIT conducts ‘Tech Start-up Weekend’ to foster innovation and entrepreneurship

The Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT) Sri Lanka, one of the leading private institutions providing quality higher education recently conducted its ‘Tech Start-up Weekend’.

Brainchild of the APIIT Business School Entrepreneurship Club (e-Club), the ‘Tech Start-up Weekend’ was held in partnership with Bandwagon  powered By Google, with the intention of guiding young entrepreneurs to pursue their unique business ideas. The event saw the gathering of, and was conducted by, experienced and highly qualified individuals from a diverse range of industries.

Head of Business School of APIIT, S C Kaluarachchi said, “We are happy to have initiated this platform for our students since our goal is to provide a holistic and well-rounded education that not only ends at the class room but also provides them with the skill and know-how of real life business. We are keen to provide our students with opportunities that will foster their true potential and get their ideas off the ground”.

The Tech Start-up weekend was a 54-hour program, specifically designed to facilitate each of the crucial issues that blossoming entrepreneurs face. All students were given the chance to pitch their business ideas, learn and work as well as build with their business teams. The program also gave the students a valuable opportunity to create and build their business networks. Students were also able to gain experience, understand and work around the common barriers faced by young entrepreneurs, including the implementation, finances and legal aspects of business.

Patron of the APIIT Entrepreneurship Club Nathali Seneviraatne emphasised the fact that the ‘Tech Start-up weekend’ provides a forum for students to network with community entrepreneurs and share ideas and access entrepreneurial resources. “The Club promotes an environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, and helps students cultivate and develop their own ideas. The platform also allows students of the APIIT to benefit from its global partners of the organising teams, have free consultation services with highly experienced mentors, and build an exciting new network of investors, and entrepreneurs”, she added.

APIIT provides a high quality holistic learning environment, an outstanding faculty, modern infrastructure, and excellent student support. APIIT’s passion is to facilitate young people to achieve their dreams of becoming successful business professionals with entrepreneurial mind-set to take up the challenge in a highly dynamic business world.



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