Sajith’s camp denies claims Ranil has backing to be PM

A rift in the United National Party (UNP) continues with UNP members supporting UNP Deputy Leader Sajith Premadasa denying claims that a decision has been taken to back party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Ministerial candidate at the Parliamentary election.

UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam had said earlier that the UNP is to contest the Parliamentary election under the leadership of Ranil Wickremesinghe.

However UNP MP Ranjith Madduma Bandara, speaking to reporters today, insisted that no such decision had been taken.

He said that the general consensus was that Premadasa be made party leader and Prime Ministerial candidate.

Premadasa was recently nominated by the UNP as the new Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

After weeks of debate in the UNP Premadasa was nominated as the UNP’s Presidential candidate ahead of the recent Presidential election.

However, Premadasa lost the election to former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Hello UNPERS, listen carefully,
    Sajith proved with his presidential campaign he cannot win the majority. The reason is not what all his assistants say or reason out: ” given time was short and it was not enough. Saith himself is saying he was in politics for 25 years. So, people know who Sajith is.
    , Ranil is older but he is a strong leader …never give up on people , never give up on politics .Sajith is young. Absolutely, Sajih is too young to take responsibilities as a political leader of our country, yet

    He is inmature, his speach in politics , not natural, not coming from his heart but from a book. He is not able to people’s heart.
    He and his family, has an unirresable past which his father created in the past. Sajith cannot pay for all those who dissappeard and got murdered . I do not know, but everyone knows “gonibilla” who took those lives of young innocent youth.
    Sajith, cannot become a good leader, he shows in his fruit , already showing the division among the UNP Family.
    This is Premadasas’ fruit. He separated people and feminist people from earth. Surely, how can UNP ever win?
    . Sajiths “Golabaloyos” fighting for positions not for srilankan citizens , not for their grievs , Sajith is a goid actor but not smart like Ranjan.
    Ask the question yourself: why majority of srilankan’s made Kiribath and play raban , when they heard his father was assisinated. It is not common. No one will insult to a dead man. But then why? All were heart, they were living in fear as Premadasa was. He lived in fear , he never allowed.other leaders to come up. Isn’t that the same attitude with Sajith? He is already showing his father’s attitudes . He disrespect his grown up leader.
    If Sajith accepted All the senior leaders and learn to recieve help he would have won those few lacks, .and 55lacks of votes we received not because of Sajith is smart but because majority of srilankans love UNP party. Love their leaders, policies, conduct and political knowledge. Gotabaya cant even “harennawattba” turn with Ranil. I am not insulting our president but Gotabayaya listens and learn from experienced president Mahinda. …!
    Let me put it this way, If Navin Disanayaka, Mr Disanayakas son take the leadership and contest for the genaral election : UNP , Not only winning over 65% , perhaps more, Why, Disanayaka family does not have that black past as.Sajith has.
    I hope Mr Ranil, ☺will start to begin thinking…his master plan in rhis way and have a yet a good ” Yahapalana Govermant in 2020 or else, UNP will have a desastress results.
    Surely ,Ranil need not have any positions nor grades. He is qualified, educated, wise politician ,.he is not a leader who is fighting for wealth, like Sajith, Aith P. Perera and Harin F. These young leaders need to become matured. Harin says he is Christian, then his job is to become a “Peace maker not a trouble maker! “Paranithabawaya” is a key to political success. Listen , to this actress, young lady who lost her father sometime ago, i dont even remeber her name,.I think she is from Dehiwala or Ratmalana.
    how well she uplifted Mr Ranil ? During 52 days…in every speache she delivered. What was she saying ? Ranil is the best leadet. now what is she saying..? There are few others …i do not know their names. I believe it is not nessassary to condemn young leader’s. They all need time , and become mature leaders. GENARALLY UNPERS are not inmature creatures. Listen to JR, Dudley Senanayaka, Mr Bandaranayaka. How good these leaders are . Can Harin speak like JR? Can Ajith speak to people like Dudley? Where did these people come from? The UNP down fall is , how they speak. Listen to their leader Ranil and learn how to speak.
    Before, the anything can change, the leaders must change The UNP team be united. And, humble themselves . If, if not the result will be desastress. Even, minority votes are shaking now. Why ?.Because, Sajith manupilated the tamil Leaders. Tamils were allways with UNP. Ganeshan is furious and confused for what now the UNP has done to his brain. we should not tolerate Sajiths gimics nor his golabalayas’ If Sajith wants to continue to be a leader of UNP , he must first learn to respect and honor his matured leader. He should not force or shout for any position. . Therefore, I will prophesy in this time: if Sajith ans his golayas get back and support a new candidate become the primeinister in coming general elections” it will bring victory
    Our beautiful Srilankan need a change. Not going aftet thieves, not condemning peopl or othe leaders, like wimal do
    every area can be changed, finances, education, agriculture,development , securiry, intelegence and etc and etc; if the politicians change first in their attitudes.
    The goal needs to be set first and become united as a family. This is not a joke. This situation is a shame on our country. Shane on you politicians. The world is laughing at us …why because of you behavior before administration.
    Do not ever forget the Bandarantakas , Senanayakas. Dudli Senanayakas bank balance was under 500rupees when he died. He earned people not money..leadership is good . Leadership is leading others not controling others, not harassing others, not demanding others, leadership is available for others to be benifited. There are goid young leaders are available in our country. There is a potential in our country. Look into that people! Do not look into gold or silver.
    However, if we do not change now, there want be a time to change.
    the general election results will be a balance results. UNP, SLPP (Pohottuwa)and ,JVP must bow down their heads and be humble !
    Why? Greediness & Arrogance will not make a nation in right direction.
    If this writing is published I may write few other articles about
    ” better financial solution”
    “right leadership”
    “Curruption free politics”
    “Youth development”
    “Drug free society”


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