Google Business Group in Sri Lanka to train “Influencers”

Google Business Group in Sri Lanka, also known as GBG Colombo, regularly conducts various events ranging from workshops to training to networking events in Colombo.

Their final event for the year 2019 focuses on helping business owners and influencers with their online branding and visibility, mainly using video content using YouTube and Stories.

Titled, “How to Influence Your Audience with Video & Stories”, the event will be held on Thursday, 12th December from 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM at Colombo Cooperative.

Sajini Jayawardena, the manager for Google Business community said, “This training would be ideal for those who are looking to become online influencers in their industry or profession and also to build their brand online as a public figure, for example as a CEO, speaker, musician or a business owner.

The focus of the event would address topics such as the most effective ways you can tell “stories” to your audience, how an online personal brand successfully communicate with their audience and engage with them, how to maximize the usage of your “Stories” online, how to  formulate a strategy, and plan your content in a way that appeals to your audience.

Indu Nanayakkara, the co-manager of the Google Business community said as video media is considered to be the most effective type of media at this point in time, they would be discussing what online platforms are the best to publish and what are the most effective ways to tell your story, during the event, She also said they would be focussing on building an engaged online audience.

The event will be conducted Free of charge, as with all Google business community events. In order to attend, you would need to register via the online registration form –

Updates about the event would be shared on the official Facebook Event page