Sri Lankan brigadier found guilty by UK court

A Sri Lankan brigadier who motioned death threats to Tamil protestors in London last year has been found guilty by a British court of violating the Public Order Act, after a protracted legal battle, reports said today.

The Westminster Magistrate’s Court upheld a previous ruling that Sri Lanka’s Brigadier Priyanka Fernando “is  not  protected  by  diplomatic  immunity”, despite pleas made by Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry.

“I  have  no  doubt  that  the  cut-throat  gestures  were  made  on  4th  February  2018,” said Chief  Magistrate  Emma  Arbuthnot in her ruling today.


  1. The protest and gesture were the outcome of Indian big brother’s divide and conquer strategy. Average person talks about the protest or gesture, but great minds talk about the powers who created those behaviors and what need be done to eliminate or decrease those behaviors.

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