Switzerland denies claims visa for Sri Lankans suspended

Switzerland has denied claims that processing visa applications for Sri Lankans has been suspended.

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs said that the Swiss Embassy has not stopped proceeding visa applications.

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs tweeted saying visa requests are being processed within legal deadlines, and their attribution goes through the regular process set by the Swiss authorities.

There were reports that Switzerland had suspended issuing visas for Sri Lankans after being angered by Sri Lanka’s reaction to an incident involving an employee at the Swiss Embassy in Colombo.

At the end of November, the local employee at the Swiss Embassy in Colombo was allegedly detained on the street and threatened by unidentified men to force her to disclose embassy-related information.

However the Foreign Ministry claimed that the sequence of events and timeline of the alleged incident, as formally presented by the Swiss Mission on behalf of the alleged victim to the CID, did not in any way correspond with the actual movements of the alleged victim on that date, as borne out by witness interviews and technical evidence, including Uber records, CCTV footage, telephone records and the GPS data. (Colombo Gazette)


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