Karu urged to protect unity in UNP

Senior United National Party (UNP) member and Speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya says he has been urged by leading monks to protect the unity in the UNP.

Speaking to reporters after meeting the Chief Prelates in Kandy today, Jayasuriya said that as a man who stands for democracy he was urged by the monks to ensure discipline in the UNP and protect its unity.

Jayasuriya said that as the Speaker of Parliament there are some limitations so he cannot engage in political work.

He also said that he will look to continue as an independent Speaker in the months ahead till the next Parliamentary election after which a new Speaker will be picked.

Jayasuriya said that he will ensure the next Parliamentary election is also free and fair.

He said that the Elections Commission had discussed some proposals with him which he hopes to present to Parliament before the next Parliamentary election.


  1. As general public we cannot understand why UNP struggling with this issue either Ranil or Sajith have to leave the party UNP leader Ranil is very unpopular person he became the party leader due to the assassinations of all capable seniors in the party if they lived Ranil wouldn’t ever be the UNP leader he lacks leadership qualities and has no idea about third world politics Ranil has to first step down from party leadership and let the parliament group select its next leader.

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