Lankatiles inaugurates “The Fine Art of Living”

Marking yet another milestone in its history thus far, Lankatiles recently launched a brand new quarterly magazine, The Fine Art of Living. A quality publication which will target architects, interior designers, design students looking for inspiration, home owners and prospective homeowners seeking to fill their living spaces with the finest products in the market, The Fine Art of Living includes articles on local and global design trends, do-it-yourself tips and feature pieces by leading veteran architects and designers.

At the launch ceremony, Lankatiles staff members took to the podium and spoke about the need to connect with customers, contending that while the full range offered by the Lanka Walltiles Group, including not only tiles but also aluminium, grout and mortar, have made a name for themselves in Sri Lanka and in the world, there was a widely felt need to reinforce the brand presence in the minds of customers. As such The Fine Art of Living is both inspirational and informative, promoting novelty and creativity and enabling customers to take the best decisions regarding their living spaces.

Mahendra Jayasekara, Managing Director of Lanka Walltiles PLC and Lanka Tiles PLC, added that the magazine did justice to both the loyalty of customers and the dedication of factory staff. “Our staff go out of their way to help manufacture top quality products which keep us up there as the only global brand from Sri Lanka that carries the name of our nation. We’ve been toying with the idea of publishing our own magazine for some time. What is important now is that we ensure it lasts the test of time.”

Sporting bright, bold colours and hues with a mix of genres coming under four themes, namely creativity, innovation, inspiration and design, The Fine Art of Living will not only set new trends, but will also provide customers with an outlet for creative decision making.