Gotabaya refuses to agree to full implementation of 13-A

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has refused to agree to the full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had on Friday said that he was confident the Sri Lankan Government will pursue the process of reconciliation to fulfil the aspirations of Tamils for equality, justice, peace, and respect.

More importantly, he said the process should also include the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

However, Rajapaksa told The Hindu newspaper that he intends to focus on development of the Northern region and not political issues.

“Look, the 13th amendment is part of the constitution and is functional, except for some areas like control of police powers, which we can’t implement. I am willing to discuss alternatives to that,” he said.

He says the previous push for “devolution, devolution, devolution” has not changed the situation in the North.

Full devolution of powers as promised by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in 1987 could not be implemented “against the wishes and feeling of the majority [Sinhala] community.” He added: “No Sinhala will say, don’t develop the area, or don’t give jobs, but political issues are different.”

The President also said that the 19th Amendment (passed in 2015) is a failure and if the new Government gets 2/3rds majority in Parliament they will look to drop it from the Constitution.

“The only way you can even make the 19th amendment work is with two brothers (laughs) [at the top]. For a country to be governed successfully, you need stability. This was not the case during the Sirisena-Wickremsinghe government, where they were fighting all the time and there was no development. Without stability, investors won’t come,” he said.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Let’s eat Coconut Sambol and Rice .No need to beg money . Who trying to control Sri Lankan .

    We no need mags developments happens among Sri Lankan are more important than satisfy greedy politicians .

  2. Well said your excellency President, why this people in North and East cannot think Be Sri Lankan By Sri Lankan, once you get the coming election with Two Third majority kindly include in the constitution that the recent 13 demands by TNA are illegal and if anyone requests such demands be considered as Terrorist and are to be dealt with laws under PTA or if needed introduce more tougher laws to opress such requests in the future.
    You are a real Patriotic Sri Lankan but everywhere in the world majority of people exercising more freedom and dignity but here the opposite prevails during the past Four Years or so.
    May you protect the Noble Triple Gem! Mr President.

  3. We appointed u to do the much awaited guidance to Sri Lanka Sinhala Majority their rightful place in the Country. Restore their Pride and Sri Lankan IDENTITY and Protection from Minority Politicians because their Voice is not that of their Community but manipulating to stay in Power.

  4. Sri Lanka must have the majority of world powers. It must have the US and China to deal with India. The same applies to dealing with China, it must have the US and India. While dealing with the US, it must have India and China. It has to prioritize the issues and pick one country to deal with. I believe that India must be picked first because it started to put pressure through the 13th amendment.

  5. Yes, agreed Mr President. We have to get rid of the useless snr position holder’s at SOE, govt dept heads and all the personnel’s who wants to hold positions without delegation of powers.
    There must be productivity and accountability and create profit centres for each SLTB depot for efficiency. More power Mr President and I know we can make it with NO NONSENSE and STICK approach.

  6. Very well said Mr President!!!
    Thanks for not implementing the 13th A as it is not safe for the national security, sovereignty and integrity of the country and Srilanka is one island and should never divide into parts as all the cultures have to live in peace and harmony in the island.Majority community is not governing any part of the country solemnly ,therefor the minorities should not expect separate states or expect additional powers to rule certain areas .One country, one flag , one nation only!!! If anyone don’t like ,find another place , another country, another Island or a separate state in someone else’s land.This is Sri Lanka .We will never allow anyone to divide!!!

  7. Thank you Mr.Rajapakse. Keep the country intact. Majority elected you and listen to them. Do not sit on the fence like MS and RW, creating instability.

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