Modi and Gota discuss reconciliation, ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka

Visiting Sri Lankan President Gotayaba Rajapaksa and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today discussed wide ranging issues, including reconciliation and ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka.

The talks took place as Rajapaksa undertook his first official overseas visit as Head of State after being elected President.

Rajapaksa was accorded a grand welcome at Hyderabad House following which he engaged in bilateral talks with Prime Minister Modi.

At the talks India offered Sri Lanka 450 million US dollars to build infrastructure and boost security.

“We exchanged our views on reconciliation in Sri Lanka. President Rajapaksa told me of his inclusive political point of view on ethnic harmony,” Prime Minister Modi said at a joint press conference in New Delhi after the talks.

Modi said that he was confident the Sri Lankan Government will pursue the process of reconciliation, to fulfill the aspirations of Tamils for equality, justice, peace and respect.

He said the process should also include the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.

“A strong Sri Lanka is not only in the interest of India but that of the entire Indian Ocean region. The mandate given to you (Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa) is the expression of the ambitions of the people of Sri Lanka for a strong country,” Modi said.

He said that Sri Lanka and India share a strong bond and India gives priority to its relations with Sri Lanka under its ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy.

President Rajapaksa, meanwhile, invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Sri Lanka as the first foreign leader to visit Sri Lanka since the Presidential election.


  1. If I was Gota, I would ask the West, Chinese and Indians to show what they have, in order to develop Sri Lanka then I would make my move. I would not land in India as soon as I got elected as the President. In fact, I don’t give a damn about Indians whether they have same religion, language, culture or skin colour. I would only focus on Sri Lanka’s development. At any give time I would hold onto two powers very closely and do the bargaining with the third power. If I am bargaining with India I would hold onto the West and China. If I am bargaining with China I would hold onto India and the West. If I am bargaining with the West I would hold onto India and China.


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