President Gotabaya Rajapaksa arrives in India on official visit

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa arrived in India today and began a three day official visit.

The Sri Lankan President was received upon arrival by Union Minister VK Singh.

Rajapaksa will meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow for talks.


  1. Wise leaders focus on human evolution through developments. They don’t follow religion, language, skin colour or culture. Certainly, Singapore didn’t follow any of those, but only focused on the country’s development which is paramount for human development.

    Listen to the former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating’s speech. He clearly, mentioned that currently India is behind the US and China 30 years. From the India’s independence to now 72 years. Basically, in 1948 Sri Lanka decided to stick with the country which was 102 years behind. It was a historical mistake of the Sri Lankan leaders who asked independence from the British to stick with India. The historical mistake has been eating Sri Lanka since the independence. Sri Lanka fought the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades and recently killed innocent foreign tourists on Easter Sunday.

    South Asia has assassinated far more talented leaders and intellectual more than any other region in the world. Its leaders quickly acknowledge talented people and get rid of them in no time by isolating, assassinating or push the talents to foreign countries. Not even one university in South Asia rank within 100 in the world. It has almost 2 billion people, but could not even get a gold medal during the last few Olympic Games. South Asia is known for treating women badly and for gang raping. Most of the bombs go off in South Asia than any other parts of Asia.

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