Tense situation as Jaffna students commemorate ‘Maaveerar’ day

A tense situation arose at the Jaffna University as students commemorated ‘Maaveerar’ day today.

The students placed wreaths and flowers at a monument to remember those killed during the war.

The commemoration event was held despite university authorities telling students not to hold such an event.

The students closed the main gate of the university as they staged the event and prevented any outsiders from entering the premises.

This resulted in a tense situation arising around the university.

Meanwhile, all academic staff at the university were asked to vacate the premises at 2pm today owing to the tense situation.


  1. Pathetic to celebrate an idiotic, uneducated terrorist who facilitated the demise of thousands of Tamil men. Consider yourselves lucky to be alive today, got the opportunity to be in the university, because of his death.
    That should be celebration !

  2. Generally, people who won the war celebrate the victory, not the losers. Why it is so important to remember that you were defeated by the world? About 27 countries came together and defeated the LTTE. However, the foreign powers are pointing the finger at the Rajapaksas to use Tamils in order to impose foreign interests.

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