Police raid office of news website

The Police raided the office of a news website linked to an opposition politician today.

Police officers searched the premises of the ‘News Hub’ website this morning using a search warrant.

The Police said that they conducted the search operation after receiving information that  content which could promote hate among groups had been printed at the location.

However, the Police said that such content had not been found at the location.

Meanwhile, former Media Secretary to the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry and Maharagama Urban Council member Dhanushka Ramanayake said that the raid was carried out to intimidate the media.

Ramanayake, who was involved in the campaign of Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa, said that during the Presidential election the services of some media outlets had been obtained to promote their candidate.

He said that one such media outlet was the website office raided by the Police today using a warrant which he claims was valid for the latter part of 2018 and not 2019.

Ramanayake also said that there was no information about the complainant. (Colombo Gazette)



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