Over 700 CID officers on a watch list at BIA

Over 700 officers of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) have been placed on a watch list at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA).

Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said that the list has been sent to the BIA informing the Immigration and Emigration Department to alert the Police if anyone on the list attempts to travel overseas.

The move comes after CID Inspector of Police (IP) Nishantha Silva fled the country.

Inspector of Police (IP) Nishantha Silva had fled to Switzerland with his family after he had allegedly faced threats to his life.

The Police fear more CID officers may attempt to leave the country without obtaining prior approval. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. IP Nishantha Silva has left the country without a problem. Intelligence network and border security have failed.

    I can’t believe that how many government servents conduct their services based on political affiliation instead of serving the people whole heartedly. Seriously, the government servents need a new perspective on their employment and commitment to the people. In Sir Lanka too many government servents conduct their services on a politically motivated propaganda, this has to be stopped immediately. IP Nishantha Silva attached to the CID conducted his duties based on political motivation, clearly he wasn’t serving the people. He has left the country with his family to Switzerland. Surly, he will be claiming political asylum based on lies by insulting his motherland and fellow countrymen.

    Last few years I have visited Sri Lanka and faced numerous difficulties due to my writings. In 2017, my brother has sprayed pepper spray into my eyes and stole my Australian passport, Sri Lankan identity card and smartphone. Last year he has broken into my parents’ house and stole my laptop. He has followed me in Kolpity (Colombo 3), tried to hit me and threatened to kill me. I have reported to the Sri Lankan police six times, but nothing has been done; even though I have a witness to prove his criminal activities. He has only completed grade eight in Sri Lanka and settled in Canada as a refugee. He is a Canadian citizen, a puppet of the foreign power and free to do his activities in Sri Lanka.

    If a doctor or an engineer migrates to a foreign country Sri Lanka loses talent. But when average people leave Sri Lanka to a foreign country to get refugee status or political asylum they become foreign puppets and become enemies of Sri Lanka. Statistically proven that the Tamil diaspora who went to other countries as refugees contribute to the LTTE far more than well qualified Tamils. Whether talents or average people, the foreign countries will take it gladly, because talents can be used to develop the foreign country and average people can be used to destabilise their motherland. Therefore, preventing talents and average people leaving Sri Lanka to claim refugee status or political asylum must be stopped immediately, in order to develop Sri Lanka.

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