UK’s Labour election manifesto features Sri Lanka

The election manifesto of UK’s Labour party features Sri Lanka and the steps a future Labour Government will take to address the human rights issue.

The manifesto which was released this week notes on Sri Lanka a Labour Government will work through the UN and the Commonwealth to insist on the protection of human rights for Sri Lanka’s minority Tamil and Muslim populations.

Sri Lanka features in the human rights section of the manifesto released by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the General election scheduled for 12 December.

The manifesto notes that human rights and international humanitarian law are fundamental pillars of a secure global system.

“These principles are under threat. Some of the world’s most powerful states choose to sell arms to human-rights abusing states. Conservative ministers, including Boris Johnson, have signed off well over £2 billion of arms sales to repressive regimes since June 2017. Around the world, human rights defenders and civil society activists remain vulnerable to attacks, often carried out with impunity,” the manifesto seen by Colombo Gazette says.

Labour says it will appoint human-rights advisers to work across the Foreign Office and Government to prioritise a co-ordinated approach to human rights and it will also advocate for human rights at every bilateral diplomatic meeting. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Labour should get their house in order before they get involved with Sri Lankan politics. Obviously they are trying to please the Tamil voters, who are on the fence to jump ship !.

  2. Great, the only way forward ‘Labour’. It’s time someone put a stop to this ‘arms sales, legally and illegally to maniacs. Also, need to get rid of the corrupt leaders of rogue states, fraudsters who get elected by hook or crook to find immunity from their criminal activities. It’s in the open now in Tel Aviv and Sorry Lanka.

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