Gazette issued keeping military on alert to maintain law and order

A gazette notice has been issued keeping the military on alert to maintain law and order.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa issued the gazette notice under the Public Security Ordinance.

Following the lifting of the State of Emergency after the Easter Sunday attacks then President Maithripala Sirisena had also issued a similar gazette notice and re-issued it every month.


  1. This is the military coup that was originally planned in 2015 when Mahinda lost. Thank God at that time the Commander was not the present Commander.

  2. ‘The Terminator’ on his bike?, you are sadly mistaken. The military will not obey your orders this time. You are having bad dreams. The past is haunting you isn’t that true?. You have no power to appoint your own cabinet even. Your corrupt, fraudster of a brother is ordering you what to do as we all know. May you all be Well, Happy, Peaceful and most of all free from SUFFERING. Metta to all ‘Rajapassas’.
    Suwapath Weva!

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