Defence Secretary wants traffic issue resolved

Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Major General (Rtd) Kamal Gunaratne chaired a special meeting with senior officers of the Police Traffic Division at the Ministry, today.

Acting Inspector General of Police C.D Wickramaratne was also present at the meeting, the Ministry of Defence said.

The meeting was held with the intention to find solutions to the prevalent traffic congestion and other traffic related issues especially in the commercial capital, Colombo and other major cities.

The Secretary issued instructions to the Police to find speedy and lasting solutions to this pressing issue in order to provide relief to all road users.

Military Liaison Officer of the Ministry Brigadier TJ Kodithuwakku was also present at the meeting.


  1. Improvement of public transportation is the only solution.

    1) Need to improve the train service, with good reliability, good service and without signal interruptions
    2) Need to introduce more trains (especially intercity) and railway tracks
    3) Need to introduce a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system to prioritize buses on the roads
    4) Need establish and implement strict road rules and fines in order to reduce road chaos
    5) Introduce other forms of public transportation, such as light rails
    5) Introduce tolls for private vehicles, but only after the improvements were made to the public transportation sector. Then only people can be persuaded to leave their private vehicles home and commute using public transportation.

  2. Double decker electric busses and completion of the Marine Drive for starters. Finish the monorail and highways for seconds. Eliminate gross polluting vehicles and fine drivers that use cellphones

  3. A big amount of time and fuel is wasted and a causes extreme pollution to all. No more duty free vehicles, all are equal under the law. Even the pool vehicle misuse should be checked. Overhead bridges must be sensibly positioned, some do not serve the objective. Proper check on the maintenance and use of state vehicles. Ceremonies should be held for main events and not for each and any political excuse.

  4. [1] Short term measure:
    [a] Reinvigorate government bus transportation in the main roads in Colombo so that the use of three wheeler taxies would be minimized.
    [b] Exclusion of single deck busses and reintroduction of double decker buses in the city of Colombo
    [2] Long term measures:
    [a] Reintroduce tram cars in the heart of Colombo
    [b] Restriction of motor vehicles in the heart of Colombo: passenger buses, foodstuff transportation vehicles, President’s car, Prime minister’s car and ambulances only.

  5. Get rid of these large gas guzzling 4 x 4 ( Land cruisers with V8 huge engines, only used in rough terrain like Africa. There is no market for these now anywhere and yet they were allowed to be imported by the predecessor govt for the politicos as a ‘Status Symbol’). Most times only a single person in the vehicle, but occupying a huge footprint on the congested roads. Poor Fuel efficiency, the pollution, and the arrogance of some drivers are other factors.
    Trishaws drivers should have extra training, regulated and licensed for passenger transport. Strict laws should be introduced for Busses. Above all, bribery and corruption should be tackled, otherwise all the efforts, and laws will be just a ‘ talking shop’.

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