Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Chairman resigns

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Chairman (SLTDA), Johanne Jayaratne has tendered his resignation from the Position of Chairman SLTDA and Acting Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau as of November 21st, 2019.

Having been appointed on May 15th, 2019 as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, he has been able to bring a significant amount of developments to the organization and the Tourism industry over the past six months.

Full automation of the Standards and Quality Assurance Division where the tourism service providers get registered, improving the Enforcement Unit functions, Setting up new business models for the operation of National Holiday Resorts and Rest Houses across the country, positioning the Research and International Relations Division as the primary source of Data for the industry at large, and Inter-Divisional transfers/rotation of staff to increase efficiency and productivity, are some of the initiatives to name a few.

Jayaratne who is an Aerospace and Aviation professional with International experience,served as the Executive Director of Airport& Aviation Services before entering the Tourism Industry. He successfullymanaged the overall runway overlay project at Bandaranaike International Airport, and is credited with the establishment of the Silk Route Service. He was also responsible for the overall management of the Mattala International Airport construction&commissioning during his tenure at Airport & Aviation Services.

The Royal Aeronautical Society, the only Society of its kind in the world, with a history of over 150 years, awarded its 2018 Global Silver Medal to Mr. Jayaratne in recognition of his innovations, achievements, excellence, and contributions to the advancement of Aerospace Science and Engineering. He is the first and only Sri Lankan born individual to have achieved this prestigious distinction.


  1. Enjoy your retirement peacefully . Thank you for your services rendered and best wishes. “Dammo Hawe Rakkhathi Dammachaaree”.


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