US Secretary of State calls on Rajapaksa to ensure accountability

The United States Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo called on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa today to ensure accountability.

He said the United States congratulates the people of Sri Lanka on their democratic election and stands ready to work with Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the new President of Sri Lanka.

“We call on President Rajapaksa to uphold Sri Lanka’s commitments to security sector reform, accountability, respect for human rights, and non-recurrence of violence,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo said that Sri Lanka continued to show the strength and resiliency of its democracy with a free, fair, and transparent presidential election befitting Asia’s oldest democracy.

“We applaud the Sri Lankan Elections Commission, Sri Lankan civil society, and the candidates themselves for promoting a peaceful election,” he said.

Pompeo said that Sri Lanka is a valued partner, and the US wants to work with the Government and people of Sri Lanka to advance cooperation on bilateral and regional issues, including fostering a free and open Indo-Pacific region where all countries can prosper, deepening good governance, and promoting justice, reconciliation, and human rights. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Are you referring to his past crimes brought against by the international community including the United States of America?. Make sure he is cleared of the allegations in the US before he is tried and impeached here in SL.

  2. What will People like Wimal Weerawansa , Gamanpilla, Vasudeva, Tissa Vitharana Dinesh say and do regarding the US support and working with them. I think they will have to toe a line with them although they are against their policies

    • “What will People like Wimal Weerawansa , Gamanpilla, Vasudeva, Tissa Vitharana Dinesh say and do ”
      Do you think the people above are worth talking of ? Read below the statement of someone:
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      Two lucid things,
      “o Bhikkhus, protect the world: moral shame and Fear of Wrongdoing. If these two things were not to protect the world, then one would respect neither one’s mother, nor one’s mother’s sister, nor one’s brother’s wife, nor one’s teacher’s wife.” ; A. II, 7.


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