Kamal Gunaratne appointed new Defence Secretary

Major General Kamal Gunaratne has been appointed as the new Defence Secretary.

Gunaratne was the former General Officer Commanding, 53 Division and a former Deputy Ambassador to Brazil and is a close associate of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.


  1. “The conceit and craving of fools grows
    as they claim for themselves,
    undue authority, recognition and reward:
    their falsity affects their longing,
    they wish to be seen
    as powerful and discerning.” ~ [:Dammapada 73-74:]

    The future of the ‘Sorry Lankans’ has been decided by ………ignorant ‘Sinhala Buddhist’ slaves.

    “පීල්ලේ යටින් කළයක් නැමූවත්
    නොපිරෙයි ජලය හැට පැයකින් බැලූවත්
    ගුණමද එකා බණ දහමින් වෙලූවත්
    උගේ ගතිය අතනාරියි මැරෑවත්”.


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