Modi congratulates Rajapaksa on election victory

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi congratulated President-elect of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa over the telephone on his electoral victory in the Presidential elections held in Sri Lanka yesterday.

Conveying the good wishes on behalf of the people of India and on his own behalf, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that under the able leadership of Rajapaksa the people of Sri Lanka will progress further on the path of peace and prosperity and fraternal, cultural, historical  and civilisational ties between India and Sri Lanka will be further strengthened.

The Prime Minister reiterated India’s commitment to continue to work with the Government of Sri Lanka to these ends.

Rajapaksa thanked the Prime Minister  for his good wishes. He also expressed his readiness to work with India very closely to ensure development and security.

The Prime Minister extended an invitation to Mr. Rajapaksa to visit India at his early convenience. The invitation was accepted.


  1. In any democracy, the. Election Commissioner(EC), as in SL, is given the sole responsibility to conduct elections, prevent vote rigging, and hacking of the computer system. The EC should count the votes accurately and announce accurate results substantiated by paper trail of voting, Total number of votes cast as per paper trail and real votes counted, should be reconciled and published for citizens to know that there was neither election rigging nor computer hacking..

    The usual voting during election in SL is about 60-70% but in 2019 Presidential election, the percentage voting is 70%-80%, About 10% more than the average in past years, which makes me to suspect vote rigging and computer hacking, .probably by a foreign naval ship, that called at Colombo port, suddenly during elections..

    The election observers have recorded 91 violations by SLPP.. I saw a video taken in a Buddhist temple. A robed Buddhist monk, standing at exit, was giving out lotus buds to people, asking them to vote for SLPP, violating election law. Surely this type of “ Political Buddhist Monkering,” probably planted by SLPP, was rampant. SLPP has no civilized behavior or respect for dignity of people or democracy, to obey the laws and regulations of the state. Gotabaya Rajapakse (GR) and MR were responsible for the Tamil Genocide of 100,000 Tamil civilians at Mullaitivu, Both are yet to accept their wrong and apologize to Tamils or face a UN Trial. Inborn habits are not easily changed. Obviously, MR, GR and other Rajapakses need to be rehabilitated.

    Tamils sent a 13 demand, 5 parties document to GR. He did not respond. Now GR says SL is a Unitary state though Tamils ruled for 2500 years in the island speaking the oldest spoken language in this world.. Tamils will be forced to take up the issue to the International Community or the UN and convince them easily that the mastermind Tamil Genocide man who ordered the killing of 100,000 Tamil civilians in “ no fire zone” is sitting on the Presidential seat of SL. And SL will be forced to face the consequences of economic sanctions and failure to develop SL, promised in SLPP manifesto.

    Further, GR was a heart patient and still a citizen of the USA. GR is unfit to contest the election physically and legally. He remains an illegal candidate. The EC asked him to submit the documents renouncing his USA citizenship. But GR did not do it Therefore he can be challenged in a court of law either within SL or outside including the USA or the UN.

    Leftist governments of East European Governments, switched over to Capitalism about 40 years ago. They left their lazy communist ideologies for ever, to work and develop their countries. But SLPP has “ old wood, corrupt “and good for nothing politicians”” Young, intelligent men with new blood, mind set, knowledge of true ethnic origins, history and wisdom for leadership; capable of handling economic developmental changes, are completely lacking. So, SLPP will not be able to develop SL for another 50 years, with their ethnic hatred attitude and unitary state policy madness.

    The UNHRC will soon ask GSL, as to why the UNHRC resolution agreed unanimously with SL was not implemented., GR will not be able to answer them. The Tamil diaspora and Tamil Government in exile;, with democratically elected representatives, from more than 15 countries, by casting votes, where Tamil diaspora live in numbers, will ask for the UN peace Keeping forces to be sent to SL immediately, to implement the 4 year old UNHRC resolution .

    In 2015 Presidential election Maithripala Siurisena(MS) obtained 51.28% votes and failed miserably as a President. GR now received 52.25% votes only 0.97% more than MS, though Rambukwela of SLPP said they will get 67% votes, about 15% less than predicted. This is how SLPP will fail in Economic thinking, planning and development also.

    In short, the future for SL under SLPP is very bleak, the citizens of SL must fasten their seat belts, Their journey under SLPP is going to crash and end in a terrible disaster, Though it has temporarily satisfied their Sinhalese ethnic ego and Tamil hatred while casting their votes….


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