Final district results show Sajith dominating Tamil areas

Final district results at the 2019 Presidential election show New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa dominating Tamil areas in the country.

Premadasa had the support of the Tamils after the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) openly called on the Tamils in the North and East to support him at the election and not Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Final District results in Jaffna showed that Premadasa had secured 312, 722 votes which was 83.83 percent of the votes in the area while Rajapaksa got just 23, 261 votes or 6.24 percent of the votes.

Meanwhile in the Vanni District Premadasa had secured 174, 739 votes (82.12 %) while Rajapaksa secured only 26,105 votes.


  1. This is a clear indication of the percentage of people who are suffering from severe hardships and poverty. Hope the new government under SP’s presidency will disperse the national wealth equally among citizens. May all of you be Well, Happy, Peaceful and most of all free from SUFFERING. Metta to all beings.

  2. Sajith premadasa is a important person fr our cntry sir try again we stand fr you..i am buddhist not a tamil so i gave my vote to you..come back sir this isnt your time but 2025 wil be yours


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