Army contradicts Police claims on North roadblocks

The Army today insisted that there was no move to block voters in the North by placing new roadblocks.

Army sources in Jaffna denied reports that Police intervention resulted in Army roadblocks being removed in parts of the North.

The Army said that no new roadblocks were placed in Jaffna and that the roadblocks over which some concerns were raised were placed after the Easter Sunday attacks.

According to the Army, Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva had instructed the military to remove all roadblocks in the North which could hamper voters during the Presidential election.

As a result, the Army says all roadblocks were removed to ensure freedom of movement for the voters.

In a statement last night the Police said that it had intervened to remove Army road blocks placed in parts of the North ahead of election day.

According to the Police media unit, Army road blocks were placed in the Palali and Palai Police divisions.

However the Police said that it had informed the Army that since a Presidential election is set to take place today, having such road blocks without the approval of the Elections Commission is illegal.


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